Patent and other infringement litigation, patent invalidation trials, appeals to rescind judicial decisions, sending notice of infringement

We represent clients in patent infringement suits, patent invalidation trials, and appeals to rescind judicial decisions. Of course, in addition to patents, we also represent clients in cases involving designs, trademarks, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and copyright.

If you want to send someone notice of infringement, we can also provide advice and write the infringement notice document for you, or assist you in the event that you are served a notice of patent or other intellectual property infringement.


Provide expert opinions on the presence/absence of infringement, whether a patent is valid or invalid, our legal opinions, etc.

For example, if you’re concerned that another company is infringing on your patent, we can create documents for the court explaining why the patent is valid and infringement is present (opinions written by lawyers/patent attorneys), or if one of your company’s products has been accused of infringing on another company’s patent, we can produce documents explaining why infringement is not present, or the patent is not valid (opinions written by lawyers/patent attorneys). We have also taken on several requests from large pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce statements/opinions on the validity of an extended patent for one of their products. Furthermore, we can also provide expert opinion documents and evidence collection related to concepts like public use and prior user rights.

We can also produce interpretations of laws, expert opinions, and other documents related to patent law or intellectual property in general.


Intellectual Property Consulting Service

Our consultancy contracts are formed with a fixed monthly cost, for which we will provide legal advice, without the need for a quote or bill each time. This creates an environment where the client can feel free to consult us whenever they need to, and we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s business to provide higher quality service. We would like to continue offering this consulting service to more and more businesses in future.



We can also provide advice on various matters related to intellectual property, such as patents, design rights, copyright, and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act; help companies to develop internal rules for dealing with intellectual property; give lectures and speeches; and provide other support for intellectual property matters to help your business run smoothly.